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CONDITIONS: Payment is due in advance of services each month. Fee includes horse(s) being fed and hayed twice daily.   All horses are fed the same type quality feed . 

   All Farrier and Veterinarian expenses are the sole  responsibility of the owner. As well as vitamins, supplements, fly wipe, coggins, vaccinations, and worming. If horse is on any kind of medication or under any kind of watch care there will be added charges for this time spent. 

   This is a family owned and operated farm. There will be NO drinking or profanity on the premises. Violators will be asked to leave immediately. Boarders please help in force this. Please do not ride in the Wood’s yard. NO SMOKING IN BARN!

   NO ONE should use or handle any horse, tack or equipment other than their own. Any horses, tack or equipment are the sole responsibility of Wood’s or the owners. If your horse breaks it you replace it.  No one is allowed in the loft, on equipment or in pastures other than the one their horse are in. Please do not move your horse without permission. No exceptions. We encourage trail riding, but ask that you don’t litter and don’t go in any gates.  Violators will be asked to leave immediately.

   A notice needs to be given if a horse will be leaving the farm and when it is to be expected to return. No “friends or extra”  horses allowed unless permission is given by Wood’s

     Wood’s does reserve the right, at owner’s expense, to call a vet if we deem necessary. Owner of boarded animals, by this signature below, attests to the fact that said animals is (are) free of all and any infectious diseases.

   TERMS:   Are as follows: $_________will be paid on the first of each month. Failure to pay this fee on time will result in a late fee of $5.00 (per horse) being added on to the board bill. No horse shall leave premises until ALL debts are paid. FAILURE TO PAY AN OUTSTANDING ACCOUNT AFTER 120 DAYS WILL RESULT IN THE SEIZURE OF BOARDED ANIMALS TO RECOUP THE DEBT. Any Moines still owed after the sale of the said animal are the sole responsibility of the owner. A 2-week notice shall be given upon the removal of the said animal. Any tack and/or supplies left over 30 days will become the propriety of Lakewood farm.

   Wood’s will be notified of the removal of any horse prior to it’s leaving. Nobody but the horse owner is allowed in any pasture / paddock.

     Wood’s shall not be held responsible or liable for any/or all accidents to any owners or guest occurring on this property. Upon signature of this agreement Wood’s are released from all liability for all accidents or injury due to riding and/or handling any animals on this property. Wood’s will exercise good judgment in caring for all animals. Wood’s will keep a close watch on brood mares, but will not be able to sit 24 hours a day. If mares foals without Wood’s presence , Wood’s will not be held responsible.

Every precaution is taken to protect horse(s) from Accidents, illness, theft or fire. Wood’s shall not, while exercising reasonable care, be held responsible for any accidents, illness, theft or fire to any animal boarded at LAKEWOOD FARM. 

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We are Family owned and operated farm

We strive on safety fist!


Park in designated areas only.

No visitors allowed in stalls / pasture.

If a gate / door is opened or close keep it that way.

No Smoking around barnyard OR on trails. 

No alcoholic beverages or profanity on the premises!

No horseplay in or around barn.

No playing in or around the hay.

No horse may be tied to a gate or a fence

No feeding the horses.

Clean up after your horse.

Put all trash in trashcans.

We don’t have restrooms. If you “use” a stall don’t leave evidence.

Horses should be secured at all times.

Turn off lights when you leave!

No dogs allowed.



General House Keeping:

  It is my belief that we all want the barn to look and smell its best, and for our horses to be as happy and healthy as possible.  In an effort to ensure that everyone is clear and on the same page regarding needs in the barn, I'd like to call the following to everyone's attention.  I believe that if we all have the same understanding about things that need to be done to keep the Lakewood Farm facility looking and functioning at its best, we can all best contribute to keeping things neat and tidy. The following will greatly contribute to a pleasant environment.

1.      I've carefully adjusted every gate and stall to be both safe and secure for the horses inside and outside. Please pay careful attention to stall door latches and chains, as well as gate chains.  Changing the hooks and latches creates openings that can cause heads and/or hooves to become stuck leading to injury or even fatalities.  Help keep all of our horses safe by not adjusting gate and stall chains and hooks.  Additionally make sure the back gate to tack room is tied shut so that no horses can get a nose or head through. 

2.       Horses digestive systems are extremely sensitive, and veterinarian visits can be costly.  We make sure  that every horse has fresh, clean water available. Being very careful to ensure that all water buckets and water troughs are filled to the top without overflowing prevents colic's and other health concerns.  Do not fill a dirty water tank! 

3.      Avoid creating mud at all costs.  Overflowing water tanks and buckets, washing horses and equipment near the barn, and forgetting to turn off hoses or to prevent leaks where hoses connect to hydrant are the primary causes of mud.  Mother Nature does a great job of soaking the farm at times.  If we can be diligent about not overflowing waters or leaving hoses leaking or on, we can prevent a lot of muddy areas.  In the summer time, this decreases the fly population and in the wintertime this keeps mud and ice from being a safety hazard for you and your horse.  Muddy spots are a nuisance and a danger, and dealing with mud keeps horses and equipment much messier than if we can avoid muddy spots.  Even grabbing a quick drink from the hose directly in front of the barn causes extra mud holes that have to be dealt with and tromped through.  Make double sure all handles or water nozzles are off, DON’T leave handle on water on or any waters in the “on” position.   

5.         A clean barn is a more pleasant, healthier environment for you and your horse.  Clean up after yourself if your horse drops a load, or you clip your horse or pull a large amount of hair, PLEASE pick up.. If you see ANY trash around the barn pick it up. Please keep things picked up and put up. The barn is your horse's home, and you wouldn't want dirty rooms in your house.

6.         Don’t move or change any feed bucket or horses with out asking.

7.      Feed management. Don't spill feed on the ground or allow your horse to eat out of the feed barrel. This will cause flies and smell.  If you spill it, please take time to pick up whatever you can salvage.  I appreciate every effort you make to prevent waste. Don’t  feed hay!

8.       Keeping the farm looking clean and neat is an ongoing project that we all need to work towards. Cleaning the round pen and the arena after you use it.  Again, just a few extra minutes of effort from everyone makes the barn more pleasant for everyone who works here, rides here, visits here, and of course lives here.