For years I've said there needs to be a camp for
adults wanting to learn more about care, handling and riding horses.
Now We'd like to offer a week filled with hands on learning.


Come for a fun filled week of Horsey activities. 
Packed with learning and riding. 

Intro date?? 
from 2-4 PM
9:00AM - 4:00 PM

Lessons on: Horsemanship, Safety, 
Grooming, Basic Ridding Skills,
Breeding /Foaling, Advanced Ridding, 
Grooming for Shows, Preparing for Showing. 

Afternoon Activities:                           
Trail Riding, Hiking, Movies, Visiting other farms. 

$250 includes Lunch / snacks daily and a camp T-shirt.


Pre Register

Address: ___________________________________
Your horse interest:__________________________
Level experience:____________________________
Age: ______________________________________
Email address:_______________________

To hold you place mail $50 non-refundable deposit to:

Lakewood Farm
668 Burns Road
Smyrna, SC 29743
or Online