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    Our Construction Company  is a family owned and operated business. 
Our office is based  in Smyrna, SC. Ted Wood is the president / superintendent. 

Ted has been erecting metal buildings for over 36 years.

   We believe professional honest work will have its rewards. Our crew are willing to travel and works well together as well as with others.  We have our own equipment. All work is done in a timely businesslike manner.

   Until recently we had only been doing subcontracting work. We now are excited to let contractors know we are eager to bid jobs.

   We feel that referrals are our best contact. But we also feel that client confidentiality is very important.   We've learned that work ethics and reputation go a long way in construction.

   If we can be of assistance to you or your company please do not hesitate to call.


 Construction Company
671 Burns Road
Smyrna, SC 29743
(803)367-8809 Ted's
(803) 230-8810  Wanda's  

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