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Lots of Photo's! 


Another story, I've been watching too many of them home decorating moves at night. One time I saw them painting the ceiling the same dark color as the walls, I thought them people are gonna kill you when they see that!!  Well, it really looked good when finished so.... I start looking for colors. I have a Latino son-in-law so thought Mexican Salsa was a good color. When the painter saw it he thought I'd lost my mind! 

Then Artemio came to check out the new changes, he saw the ceiling painted this color. He  asked  what color are you going to paint the walls? I told him the same, he said no really, I said the same. He said no really, what color? I said "Well I got me a Mexican son-in-law so I wanted him to feel at home with Mexican Salsa color". It turned out great! Grandmother Ruth even paint her kitchen a dark color. 


This is called stepping out of your comfort zone!!!