MY BON CAMEO (AMALI MATTLOCK x ALL THE CHARM) Black 1995 Proven black producer! MY BON CAMEO’s sire AMALI MATTLOCK stands 15.3 hands. AMALI MATTLOCK is Blue List and Al Khamsa. He has a Class A Reserve Junior Championship in halter in Florida to his credit. AMALI MATTLOCK is line bred black with 18 crosses in the first five generations of his pedigree. AMALI MATTLOCK high percentage Babson breeding, one of America's foundation programs. AMALI MATTLOCK carries two crosses to NAZEER through his great grandsire *ADHEM. He also carries the old Crabbet "Egyptian" lines that trace back to Lady Anne and Wilford Blunts' breeding. AMALI MATTLOCK'S strain is Mu'niqi-Sbaili. MY BON CAMEO’s dam has produce 100% blacks!

FABO AHR*22998 Black 1962

FABAH AHR*6264 Bay 1950

MISIMMA AHR*12158 Black 1957

ARABI FADH ONYX AHR*280592 Black 1982

SG ADHANNA AHR*122370 Black 1975

*ADHEM AHR*69913 Black 1967

SHAR ANNA AHR*52191 Bay 1968

AMALI MATTLOCK AHR*356785 Black 1986

SAUD EL AMEER AHR*156771 Black 1977

*ADHEM AHR*69913 Black 1967

GITA RSI AHR*38040 Black 1966

SAUD EL MILANNE AHR*213836 Black 1980

BINT MILANNE AHR*49675 Bay 1968

BLACK SAMBO AHR*11468 Black 1956

MILANNE AHR*2837 Grey 1944

MY-BON CAMEO AHR*523859 Black 1995 

GM ZALAZON AHR*154205 Black 1977

PERLEZON AHR*51288 Grey 1968

TARFARONEK AHR*56509 Grey 1969

ALA CHARM AHR*233278 Black 1981

LITTLE CHARM AHR*72880 Chestnut 1971

CHAR SIRGEM AHR*25418 Black 1963

LITTLE LICIA AHR*40635 Chestnut 1966

ALL THE CHARM AHR*334154 Black 1985

DOC GEORGE AHR*121809 Bay 1975

BUR-LOYA AHR*26886 Bay 1963

RATAIA AHR*22373 Bay 1962

MB GEORGIE GIRL AHR*229379 Bay 1980

MAL-A-BOO AHR*67833 Bay 1970

BU-ZAHR AHR*12875 Grey 1957

MALAK AHR*14164 Chestnut 1958


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