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This Old House;

This story begins with an old house I didn't want!! From the time I walked into this house I said I'll never live here!! Well the saying "Never say Never" is true!! I lived there for 6 years!!!

Click on the "rooms" to see the before and after photo's. 

Den Office Up stairs Landing/
 Sitting Room
Kitchen Master Bed room Up stairs Bed rooms
Dinning Room Master Bath  


I'd like to share some of the blessing that has occurred with that house. The roof leaked  for over 2 years. The tub in bathroom downstairs had leaked,  rotten out the rear seal on the back wall. We had some bids of up to $2500 to repair the seal. So Ted decided to do it himself. Yep, I was worried. He can erect a building but has a bit of trouble building a bookshelf.  Blessing number 1 was Eddie, a friend, said he didn't have anything to do for week. Just happened he is a wonderful carpenter. Yahoo, he and Ted ended up tearing out the whole floor in the bath and the porch. They jacked the house up 8" repairing the seal and replacing the floor. He also helped carefully tear down the walls that had been put up.  

Another blessing was Nathan coming to visit and finding out he was a professional painter. We struck a deal and he painted most of the house. Now let me say, when we talked I said "Just slap a coat paint on it as I'll never live here". He stayed in the house while he worked. When I came to  check in he was fixing ALL the cracks in the walls. And there was many. That looked like new sheet rock when he was done. 

And the blessing of Sarah and David, Sarah has been helping with feeding the horses for 2 years . David has been in, over and under that house.  He put outlets where I wanted, replaced lights in just about every room. Built shelves in 2  locations, fixed leaks in the plumbing, installed lights. Put new phone and cable lines in all the house.  Ladies if you have ever wanted a  handy man to do your every whim, I had a dream one for a while! 

We also were able to get new carpet for the master bedroom at a lower cost and refinished the floors. 

It was a blessing of Pledges going out of business, got a lot of stuff at half price, some light fixtures for $2.00. 

The blessing are so many that I fear leaving one out. 

Now that you "Know" the rest of the story take a look at our miracle.  


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