Wanda Wood "Nana"

Wanda works closely with many non profit groups.  She has been a part of the SC Horseman’s Council since 1993.  She served as past President and is currently Vice President of Admin. She is on the Horse Welfare and Electronic Media Committees. Wanda is a founding member of Equestrian Ministries Saddle Club and Equestrian Ministries Drill Team. She has served as Publicity Director for the SC Equestrian Ministries. Wanda has been an active member of Union Baptist Church since 1987 serving as Church Clerk, sound system operator and on food committee.

Wanda continued her education after graduating from York Comprehensive High School by completing courses at UGA in Artificial Insemination, Farm Management and Stallion, Mare and Foal care. Wanda is also a trained Chaplin and certified in Disaster Relief through the SC Baptist Association.

Wanda has worked closely with rescues groups as well as local vets in horse rescue. She served as Drill Master for close to 10 years.  Her most noted achievement is her work on the South Carolina Equestrian Trails guide and the Agri-tourism Guide for York County.  She also served on the Short-Term Events/Activities Committee for the York County Agri-Tourism Facility. Wanda was on a committee who was successful in getting trails cut at Kings Mountain State Park in the 90’s.

Wanda enjoys her family, church activities, hiking, photo editing, Bible studies, and reading. Her love is creating websites and social media news for non profit organizations. She enjoys trail riding when time allows.

Wanda believes her passion for horses and electronic media is a gift from God. She enjoys sharing her horses with others. She also loves to connect horse lovers with the horse of their dreams.  Wanda’s dream is to use the family’s farm as a place for people to enjoy not only horses but nature at its best.  ​

Luiz Garcia

 Luiz helps with the daily chores of the farm. Lakewood runs about 40 head of Charlas and Herfford. We recently introduced Angus into the herd. Luiz's business goal is to take over the cattle operations at Lakewood Farm. He loves hunting, target practicing and hanging out with his buddies. 

Ted Wood "Papa"

Papa takes care of hay cutting and equipment maintenance. He enjoys being out with his cows. He is always there when his family has a need. Although you will often hear him say "them are her horses" know it's really him who says lets go get them when one is in need. If you visit you will hear him singing or whistling while working. Wanda & Ted Wood  started Lakewood Farm Arabians in 1988. Lakewood Farm is known for producing versatile working Arabians and Half Arabians. Their horses are known to be level headed athletes. 

Ana Garcia

Ana’s love for horses started while in the womb. Her mom would put her belly to our broodmares belly the “babies” would kick each other. Ana started riding by herself at 3 yrs old. She rode a grumpy older Arab mare whom she called El-laby (Ebony). Ana had a business plan at 9 years old. She is working hard to fill her goals. Ana has been successful in showing hunter, Competitive Trail & Obstacle Challenges over NC and SC.

Ana has worked hard under some great trainers. Her goal is to reap from each building her own methods of training. Her very first trainer was Misty Beller who started training at a young age. Misty was well known in our area. She went on to show two of our stallions at 16 yrs old. Qualifying many times for the US Arabian Nationals. Misty is now a well-known author. Ana took lessons from Terry Lynn Wheeler who showed AQHA horses on a national level.  She took lessons from Dale Patterson who was a successful trainer in the Arabian horse world. Some of Ana’s fondest memories are summer camps at Fleet Equestrian Center with Margaret Fleet. These camps were both a great learning but fun for Ana. 

Ana job shadowed with well-known trainer Phillip Rogers of Phillip Rogers Horsemanship. In 2018 Ana spent a few weeks at Start Em Right learning from Mike Kinsey and Ila Hanks.

Ana has taken over management at Lakewood Farm. We house 25-30 head of horses at any given time. We used to primarily breed Arabians crossed with stock horses. We now mostly do rescues and give end of life care for several elderly horses. Ana's business goal is to build a facility for horse lovers. She enjoys trail riding as well as identifying problems in horses.

Ana has 5 personal horses.

  • Lucky who is her competition horse
  • Colby who she is currently conditioning
  • Ebony who is now retired. She was Ana's first riding horse. She started riding when she was 3 yrs old. Showing in hunter at 7 and competing at 11. 
  • Flame he came to the farm at 1 month old. You could see every rib in his body. With a lot of TLC and Ana he has recovered and matured into an awesome yearling. Ana's goal is to have him take Lucks place. She is training him to be an all-around horse.

Other parts of our team,

We at Lakewood Farm feel family is important. We have great support from our family. We have two children Ted Jr and Kimberly.  Ted has 4 children Trey, Brooklyn, Taylor Shay and Mason. Kimberly has 4 children Ana, Luiz, Breanna and Journey. 

We would be nothing with out our parents. Ted's dad Papa Bill & Wanda's mom Maw Maw Doris.

Lakewood Farm

Our Team