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  Miracles Really Do Happen:

 To really "see " this farm you need to know what lead us to it. God has blessed us over the years with cows & horses. A story I love to tell when folks visit is: When I was a 8 year old little girl, I would lay in bed at night and pray "God I want horses, lots of horses, all colors, shapes and sizes."  Well he has answered my prayers Indeed! We now have many horses & cows . 

   My husband and I love the mountains, a few years ago we were able to get  a place up near Chimney Rock, but due to "our blessings" we rarely got to go up. I wanted so badly to bring the mountains to the horses or visa versa. So I prayed about it.

    A few years ago we rode 4 wheelers on a farm that we fell in love with. It was everything we wanted in a farm. Rolling hills, creeks and trails already cut. So we talked to the owner who said he would sale, but he was going away for awhile, when he returned we'd finalize everything. Unfortunately, he passed away before returning. We tried to find out what was going to happen to the place but never got up with anyone.  Our hearts were broken. We eventually put a deposit on another farm,  but after many obstacles we felt it wasn't God's will that we purchase it. Again we were broken hearted. 

   It was just a short while later that I got very sick. We found it was a blessing that we hadn't gotten another place. We gave up the dream of a bigger farm. But we had faith that God had a plan for us. We were willing to go were he would lead us. 

    While out looking a friends property that had been cleared, Ted and I wanted to ride by and see what someone had done to the old house . We were rather surprised to see it empty and  a realty sign up. 
We called right away. 

   We put a contract on it , but after months our place didn't sale. During this time we "met" several people out there looking at it. One even said "I'm buying it!!" Once again we were heart broken. But really felt this was were God wanted us. To say we prayed is like saying there is one drop of water in the ocean. I know it was through our prayers and that of our friends that we were able to secure this farm. 

We've found that  In order to see the Rainbow......you must first endure some Rain.

   More and more I am understanding  all the little things that HAD to happen for us to get this farm . All the ups and downs made it much more appreciated! The day we closed my morning devotion was Matthew 21:22 "And whatever you ask in pray, having faith and believing, you will receive."  I've carried that verse on a card  in my Bible for over 35 years. 

   We still have things to over come and very much work, but have faith all will work to the Glory of God, because WE know this is a God thing not ours!  

" Faith is not knowing what the future holds,
   But knowing who holds the future."

Now that you "Know" the rest of the story take a look at our miracle
 Don't forget to look at
The Old House We no longer own it but it truly has character. 

Many thanks to Lane Realty and the Klein Estate for helping make this dream come true!! 


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